/sut / (say sooht)

1. a set of garments, vestments, or armour, intended to be worn together.
2. a set of outer garments of the same material, worn by men, consisting of trousers, jacket, and sometimes a waistcoat.
3. a set of outer garments worn by women, usually consisting of skirt and jacket, and sometimes a blouse.
4. the particular set of clothes deemed appropriate for a specified occasion: a court appearance suit of tracky daks and T-shirt.
5. Colloquial a businessperson, especially an executive, seen as typically wearing a business suit.
6. Cards
a. one of the sets or classes (usually four: spades, clubs, hearts, and diamonds) into which playing cards are divided.
b. the aggregate of cards belonging to one of these sets held in a player's hand at one time.
7. a number of things of one kind or purpose forming a series or set.
8. the wooing or courting of a woman.
9. the act of making petition or appeal.
10. the act or process of suing in a court of law; legal prosecution.
11. a petition, as to a person of exalted station.
verb (t)
12. to provide with a suit of clothes; clothe; array.
13. to make appropriate, adapt, or accommodate, as one thing to another.
14. to be appropriate or becoming to.
15. to be or prove satisfactory, agreeable, or acceptable to; satisfy or please.
verb (i)
16. to be appropriate or suitable; accord.
17. to be satisfactory, agreeable, or acceptable.
18. follow suit,
a. to play a card of the suit led.
b. to follow another's example.
19. one's strong suit, one's particular talent or skill.
20. suit oneself, to do what one chooses, regardless of the interests or advice of others.
21. suit up, to put on a suit, especially a special kind of suit for a particular purpose.
{Middle English, from Anglo-French suite, variant of Old French sieute, from s(u)ivre follow. See sue}

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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